Wayne Booth

WAYNE BOOTH, professor of English emeritus of the University of Chicago, was born and raised in American Fork, Utah. After earning a B.A. at Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, he taught for eleven years at Haverford and Earlham Colleges and then returned to Chicago where he taught for more than thirty years. His most recent book is For the Love of it: Atnateuring and its Rivals. He is now working on an autobiography that will include many examples of his practice of hypocrisy—both defensible and indefensible .

Art and the Church: or “The Truths of Smoother”

Articles/Essays – Volume 13, No. 4

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The Rhetoric of Hypocrisy: Virtuous and Vicious

Articles/Essays – Volume 33, No. 1

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