Victor B. Cline

VICTOR B. CLINE, a former member of Dialgoue's Board of Editors, has pub￾lished studies on the effects of television violence and pornography on human behavior.

Failure in the Home

Articles/Essays – Volume 06, No. 3

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The Faith of a Psychologist: A Personal Document

Articles/Essays – Volume 01, No. 1

In 1933 James Leuba[1] conducted a survey of the beliefs in deity held by scientific and professional men. He found that only ten per cent of the psychologists surveyed admitted to a belief in God.…

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Mormons and Infidelity

Articles/Essays – Volume 06, No. 1

In Masters’ and Johnson’s recent book Human Sexual Inadequacy, I ran across some startling information that made a whole group of other data collected accidentally and incidentally over a period of ten years suddenly coalesce…

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Wives Take Over

Articles/Essays – Volume 07, No. 2

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On Women

Articles/Essays – Volume 07, No. 4

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Acting Under Orders: Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View ; Stanlet Milgram

Articles/Essays – Volume 09, No. 2

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