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Garth L. Mangum, a member of DIALOGUE'S Board of Editors, was formerly executive secretary of the National Commission of Technology, Automation, and Economic Progress, and is currently Research Professor of Economics and Director, Manpower Policy Evaluation Project, at George Washington University

The “Legend” and the “Case” of Joe Hill | Philip S. Foner, The Case of Joe Hill

Articles/Essays – Volume 02, No. 1

Legends often live on simply because believers like them. Some people like them so much they want to prove them. Legends may have their origins in real situations and may have relationships to some facts,…

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Philosophical, Legal, and Practical Considerations of Collective Bargaining in an Enterprise Society

Articles/Essays – Volume 03, No. 2

It seems strange to a student of the economic, political, and legal development of our society and its philosophical underpinnings that, in the middle of the twentieth century, so little is understood generally about the…

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