Tim B. Heaton

TIM B. HEATON is a professor in the Department of Sociology at Brigham Young University and associate director of the Family Studies Center. For the last 20 years, he has studied trends in U.S. and LDS family demo￾graphics. He is also doing research on family interaction and children's well-being in Latin America.

Contraceptive Use Among Mormons, 1965-75

Articles/Essays – Volume 16, No. 3

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Four Characteristics of the Mormon Family

Articles/Essays – Volume 20, No. 2

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Demographics of the Contemporary Mormon Family

Articles/Essays – Volume 25, No. 3

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Familial, Socioeconomic, and Religious Behavior: A Comparison of LDS and Non-LDS Women

Articles/Essays – Volume 27, No. 2

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Social Forces that Imperil the Family

Articles/Essays – Volume 32, No. 4

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