Thomas F. Rogers

THOMAS F. ROGERS taught Russian literature at Brigham Young University and earlier at Howard University and the Uni￾versity of Utah. He has published monographs on the writings of dissident Russian writers during the Soviet era. Cited by Eugene England as "undoubtedly the father of modern Mormon drama," he is the recipient of lifetime achievement and membership awards from the Mormon Arts Festival and the Association for Mormon Letters. He was a missionary in Germany in the 1950s and, with his wife, Merriam, has served missions in Russia and Sweden and taught English at Pekin University in Beijing, China. They have seven children and thirty-seven grandchildren.


Articles/Essays – Volume 14, No. 2

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Heart of the Fathers

Articles/Essays – Volume 24, No. 2

The Child is father to the Man  Wordsworth You wake before the alarm you’d set for 4:30. You dress, almost ritually, and decide to fast. Today of all days you must maintain the proper mood—and…

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Another Death

Articles/Essays – Volume 36, No. 4

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“A Climate Far and Fair”: Ecumenism and Abiding Faith

Articles/Essays – Volume 42, No. 3

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