Terryl L. Givens

TERRYL L. GIVENS {[email protected]} is the Jabez A. Bostwick Professor of English at the University of Richmond. He has published in literary theory, British and European Romanticism, Mormon studies, and intellectual history. With Fiona Givens, he has published The Christ Who Heals (Deseret, 2017); The Crucible of Doubt (Deseret 2014), and The God Who Weeps (Deseret, 2012). Current projects include The Pearl of Greatest Price: Mormonism’s Beleaguered Scripture (with Brian Hauglid, Oxford, 2019); Stretching the Heavens: Eugene England, Mormonism, and the Dilemmas of Discipleship (UNC Press, 2020); and What Everyone Needs to Know About Mormonism (Oxford, 2020).

Heretics in Truth: Love, Faith, and Hope as the Foundation for Theology, Community, and Destiny

Articles/Essays – Volume 51, No. 4

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Protocols of the (Other) Elders of Zion: The History of the Saints, 3d edition, by John C. Bennett, ed. Andrew F. Smith

Articles/Essays – Volume 33, No. 4

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The Book of Mormon and Religious Epistemology

Articles/Essays – Volume 34, No. 3

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