Sterling M. McMurrin

STERLING M. MCMURRIN is E. E. Ericksen Distinguished Professor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and author of The Theological Foundations of the Mormon Religion.

Brigham H. Roberts: Notes on a Mormon Philosopher-Historian

Articles/Essays – Volume 2, No. 4

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President David O. McKay: 1873-1970: Reflections on the Ministry of President David O. McKay

Articles/Essays – Volume 4, No. 4

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A Note on the 1963 Civil Rights Statement

Articles/Essays – Volume 12, No. 2

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A New Climate of Liberation: A Tribute to Fawn McKay Brodie, 1915-1981

Articles/Essays – Volume 14, No. 1

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To Sustain the Heart: Preface to Faith: A Philosophical Inquiry into RLDS Beliefs by Paul M. Edwards

Articles/Essays – Volume 18, No. 4

It is perhaps fair to say that Edwards’s work is almost a pioneering effort in defining and systematizing the basic ingredients of RLDS philosophy.

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Comments on the Theological and Philosophical Foundations of Christianity

Articles/Essays – Volume 25, No. 1

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Toward Intellectual Anarchy: Encyclopedia of Mormonism

Articles/Essays – Volume 26, No. 2

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Remembering B.H. Roberts

Articles/Essays – Volume 26, No. 3

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