Stephen Carter

STEPHEN CARTER {[email protected]} is the editor of Sunstone magazine and Moth and Rust: Mormon Encounters with Death (Signature Books, 2017). His books include Mormonism for Beginners, the iPlates graphic novel series, and The Hand of Glory (a YA horror novel about polygamous ghosts). He has a PhD in narrative studies from the Uni￾versity of Alaska–Fairbanks and spends a lot more time than he ever thought he would managing his daughter’s dance schedule.

Personal Voices: Three Sealings

Articles/Essays – Volume 50, No. 3

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Scared Sacred: How the Horrifying Story of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Can Help Save Us

Articles/Essays – Volume 49, No. 3

Dialogue 49.3 (Fall 2016): 75–88
Probably the most destabilizing piece of historical information most Mormons come across is Joseph Smith’s polygamy.

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The Trail

Articles/Essays – Volume 49, No. 1

The world was divided into three.  Three shards of sagebrush and sky.  That’s how it looked to Emma as she blinked through the thick wooden wagon spokes next to her head. She winced at the…

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A Brief Tour of England: My Year with Gene

Articles/Essays – Volume 35, No. 1

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Last Supper

Articles/Essays – Volume 35, No. 2

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The Weight of Priesthood

Articles/Essays – Volume 38, No. 3

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Articles/Essays – Volume 48, No. 1

The sun streamed unimpeded through the kitchen window, warming Jake’s back as he ate a bowl of cereal. It was a pleasant feeling, but also strange. Usually the light couldn’t get in. His RV blocked…

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