Sherrae Phelps

SHERRAE PHELPS {[email protected]} is a social introvert and a hiking trail runner. Thinks she’s funny and generously laughs at all her jokes. Has a BA in education from Weber State University. Has been published in LDS Living and often contributes to the Conversations with Dr. Jennifer podcast. She is skilled in asking thought-provoking questions. Takes pride in having read the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo. She and her family live in Utah, a place they genuinely enjoy exploring.

Questioning the Immorality of Coffee

Articles/Essays – Volume 56, No. 3

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. Before that, women weren’t allowed to enter marathons. There’s an iconic photo of Switzer just a few miles into the race…

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