Ryan Shoemaker

RYAN SHOEMAKER {[email protected]} has a debut story collection, Beyond the Lights, available through No Record Press. T. C. Boyle called it a collection that “moves effortlessly from brilliant comedic pieces to stories of deep emotional resonance.” Ryan is an assistant professor at Southern Utah University. Find him at RyanShoemaker.net.

The Private Investigator

Articles/Essays – Volume 55, No. 2

Listen to the podcast version here. The doorbell rang as I hung up the phone, and then I heard my father’s deep, imposing voice fill our entryway. I stood and walked slowly into the unlit…

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Bleakness or a Future with Unicorns? Ryan Habermeyer. The Science of Lost Futures.

Articles/Essays – Volume 52, No. 1

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Light Departure

Articles/Essays – Volume 51, No. 2

For Doug Thayer  There was a knock at the apartment door. My companion, Carr, slouched at his desk, tinkering with a delicate butterfly he’d just formed from a piece of thin copper wire he’d retrieved…

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From Great Heights

Articles/Essays – Volume 41, No. 4

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Richard Golightly: A Novel

Articles/Essays – Volume 44, No. 1

Conception  “They’re up there now,” Bishop Gray croons from the pulpit. His eyes move to the chapel ceiling. “Billions and billions of spirits waiting to inhabit mortal bodies, warriors saved for these last days, ready…

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The Righteous Road

Articles/Essays – Volume 48, No. 3

My mom held her hand over the phone. “It’s Reed,” she whispered. I took the phone and leaned against the countertop. “Hello,” I said. “Hello.” “What, Derrick? No call?” Reed asked. “I didn’t know you…

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