Richard Sherlock

RICHARD SHERLOCK is professor of philosophy at Utah State University. He earned a Master's of Theological Studies (1972) and a Ph.D. in philosophy (1978) from Harvard University. He has taught at Fordham University in New York City as professor of moral theology and at the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences. He has writ￾ten or edited five books and sixty-five chapters, articles, and reviews on the history of phi￾losophy, medical ethics, constitutional theory, biotechnology, and Mormon history.

Faith and History: The Snell Controversy

Articles/Essays – Volume 12, No. 1

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“We Can See No Advantage to a Continuation of the Discussion”: The Roberts/Smith/Talmage Affair

Articles/Essays – Volume 13, No. 3

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Our Best Official Theologian: Defender of the Faith: The B. H. Roberts Story by Truman Madsen

Articles/Essays – Volume 14, No. 1

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Rooted in Christian Hope: The Case for Pacifism

Articles/Essays – Volume 37, No. 1

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