Richard J. Cummings

RICHARD CUMMINGS is a professor of languages and director of the Honors Program at the University of Utah. A version of this essay was first given during the Pillars of My Faith session at the Sunstone Theological Symposium 25 August 1984.

Quintessential Mormonism: Literal-Mindedness as a Way of Life

Articles/Essays – Volume 15, No. 4

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Frustration and Fulfillment: Mormon Women Speak by Mary Lythgoe Bradford, ed.

Articles/Essays – Volume 16, No. 4

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The Stone and the Star: Fantacism, Doubt, and the Problem of Integrity

Articles/Essays – Volume 17, No. 1

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Out of the Crucible: The Testimony of a Liberal

Articles/Essays – Volume 19, No. 2

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A Mormon “Pilgrim’s Progress”: The Backslider by Levi S. Peterson

Articles/Essays – Volume 21, No. 1

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