Peter Crawley

PETER CRAWLEY teaches mathematics at Brigham Young University and is a serious col￾lector of Mormon Americana. This paper, that of David Whittaker's, and the response of E. Robert Paul which follow were delivered in a session on early Mormon intellectuals at the Mormon History Association, Ogden, Utah, 8 May 1982

Mormon Americana at the Huntington Library

Articles/Essays – Volume 06, No. 3

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A Comment on Joseph Smith’s Account of His First Vision and the 1820 Revival

Articles/Essays – Volume 06, No. 1

Dialogue 6.1 (Spring 1971): 106–107
Ever since people first heard of the First Vision, the events surrounding it has been clouded by controversy. Crawley comments with historical references that help to clarify this controversy.

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The Passage of Mormon Primitivism

Articles/Essays – Volume 13, No. 4

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Parley P. Pratt: Father of Mormon Pamphleteering

Articles/Essays – Volume 15, No. 3

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