Paul Edwards

PAUL M. EDWARDS is president of Temple School, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Independence, Missouri. This paper was first presented at the Sunstone Symposium, August 1984, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Common Beginnings, Divergent Beliefs

Articles/Essays – Volume 11, No. 1

Dialogue 11.1 (Spring 1979): 19–31
Within two years of his assasination, however, the Church was torn by succession struggles that led to dispersion. Almost a century and a half later, the whereabouts of many of these saints is still unknown.

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“Moonbeams From a Larger Lunacy”: Poetry in the Reorganization

Articles/Essays – Volume 16, No. 4

Dialogue 16.4 (Winter 1983): 22–31
This study addresses poetry within the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and defines an RLDS poet as someone who belongs to the RLDS church and who has published poetry in some form or other.

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Being Mormon: An RLDS Response

Articles/Essays – Volume 17, No. 1

Dialogue 17.1 (Spring 1984): 106–112
To be a Mormon — in the generic use of that term — is an attitude: an attitude of uniqueness — of peculiarity — • which makes itself known in behavior, in beliefs, in relationships, in inquiries and, most of all, in religious expression.

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RLDS Priesthood: Structure and Process

Articles/Essays – Volume 17, No. 3

Dialogue 17.3 (Fall 1984): 6–10
It sometimes appears that RLDS members are more impressed with receiving an inspired document from the Prophet than they are with what it says.

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William B. Smith: The Persistent “Pretender”

Articles/Essays – Volume 18, No. 2

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Leadership and the Ethics of Prophecy

Articles/Essays – Volume 19, No. 4

Dialogue 19.4 (Winter 1986): 77–85
The role of leadership within the Mormon community is vastly interrelated, and thus often confused , with management.

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Scripture, History, and Faith: A Round Table Discussion

Articles/Essays – Volume 29, No. 4

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