Neylan McBaine

Neylan McBaine is a non-profit leader, marketing executive and passionate advocate. As the author of three books and TEDx presenter, Neylan has been called a “uniquely important” “change agent” in Utah and within her faith. Since co-founding Better Days 2020 four years ago, Neylan has been a leader in speaking and writing about women’s leadership and the U.S. suffrage movement, with a specific focus on Utah and the west’s early role in that movement. She developed a team of historians, educators and marketers that have changed the way Utahns view and understand women’s history, leading to shifts in current perceptions of ourselves and Utahns generally. Neylan previously founded another non-profit, the Mormon Women Project, which changed the dialogue around Latter-day Saint women in significant ways. Neylan is a graduate of Yale University, mother to three daughters, and lives in Salt Lake City.

Roundtable: Mormon Women and the Anatomy of Belonging

Articles/Essays – Volume 50, No. 1

Dialogue 50.1 (Spring 2017): 193–200
n looking at the definition of Mormon womanhood, it seems to me that the boundaries of that community have shifted over the past almost two hundred years from being initially proscribed by the institution, in the early days of the Nauvoo Relief Society, to essentially being defined by the Mormon women themselves in today’s modern global Church.

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Seeds of Faith in City Soil: Growing Up Mormon in New York City

Articles/Essays – Volume 40, No. 4

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A Spiritual Awakening Amid a Hippie Faith : Coke Newell, On the Road to Heaven

Articles/Essays – Volume 41, No. 4

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Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research Conference: To Do the Business of the Church: A Cooperative Paradigm for Examining Gendered Participation within Church Organizational Structure

Articles/Essays – Volume 45, No. 3

Dialogue 45.3 (Fall 2012): 70–83
I will be talking today about how women fit into the functional structure of LDS church governance; but, unlike many of the oth￾ers speaking today, I do not have advanced degrees in my subject, nor do I consider myself an academic

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