Michael R. Ash

MICHAEL R. ASH is an active Latter-day Saint and a student of Mor￾monology. He owns and operates MormonFortress.com, has been pub￾lished in FARMS Review of Books (13.2), has presented papers for the 2000 and 2002 F.A.I.R. LDS Apologetics Conferences, and has had e-texts pub￾lished on the FAIRLDS.org website. He currently teaches the Gospel Doctrine class in his Ogden, Utah, ward.

The Mormon Myth of Evil Evolution

Articles/Essays – Volume 35, No. 4

Dialogue 34.4 (Winter 2002): 19–38
In the years since this event, I’ve found that there are a number of members who believe that evolution is a doctrine of the devil.

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