Matthew Bowman

Matthew Bowman is the Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University, and the author of The Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith (Random House, 2012) and Christian: The Politics of a Word in America (Harvard, 2018). He received his PhD at Georgetown University, and watches a lot of professional basketball.

Toward a Theology of Dissent: An Ecclesiological Interpretation

Articles/Essays – Volume 42, No. 3

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To Bless and Sanctify: Three Meditations on the Sacrament

Articles/Essays – Volume 44, No. 3

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Charles Harrell, “This Is My Doctrine”: The Development of Mormon Theology

Articles/Essays – Volume 44, No. 4

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Mormon Authoritarianism and American Pluralism

Articles/Essays – Volume 45, No. 2

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