Mattathias Singh Goldberg Westwood

MATTATHIAS SINGH GOLDBERG WESTWOOD {mattathiasingh@gmail .com} was born in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains and grew up near where the Olentangy meets the Scioto River. He likes stories, whether new or old, and trees, whether short or tall. He hopes someday to make sense of something.

As Above, So Below: Mormonism Mattathias Singhin D. J. Butler’s Kaleidoscopic Cosmological Fantasy D. J. Butler. Witchy Eye D. J. Butler. Witchy Winter D. J. Butler. Witchy Kingdom

Articles/Essays – Volume 53, No. 3

There are many different ways to construct a fantasy universe. Some are flowers, carefully grown from a single seed. Some are mirrors, with each element corresponding to a specific parallel in our own world for…

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