M. Guy Bishop

M. Guy Bishop, Woods Cross, Utah.

Local History, Well Done: Corinne: The Gentile Capital of Utah by Brigham D. Madsen

Articles/Essays – Volume 14, No. 3

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Mormonism from the Top Down: A Kingdom Transformed: Themes in the Development of Mormonism

Articles/Essays – Volume 19, No. 1

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After Sutter’s Mill: The Life of Henry Bigler, 1848-1900

Articles/Essays – Volume 20, No. 1

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History for the People: Utah: A People’s History by Dean May

Articles/Essays – Volume 22, No. 1

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“What Has Become of Our Fathers?” Baptism for the Dead at Nauvoo

Articles/Essays – Volume 23, No. 2

Dialogue 23.2 (Summer 1990): 85–97
Chronicling the history  of baptizing for the dead during the Nauvoo Period, this article introduces the practice from the first baptizers to how it was altered after Joseph Smith’s death.

A New Synthesis: Exiles in a Land of Liberty: Mormons in America, 1830-1846 by Kenneth H. Winn

Articles/Essays – Volume 24, No. 3

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Celebrating Utah’s Centennial: Charter for Statehood: The Story of Utah’s State Constitution by Jean Bickmore White

Articles/Essays – Volume 32, No. 1

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The Life of a Controversial Biographer: Fawn McKay Brodie: A Biographer’s Life by Newell G. Bringhurst

Articles/Essays – Volume 33, No. 2

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Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows, by Will Bagley

Articles/Essays – Volume 36, No. 3

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