Lowell Durham

A professor of Music at University of Utah

A Mormon Record | Leroy Robertson, Book of Mormon Oratorio

Articles/Essays – Volume 02, No. 3

Mormons know Governor Romney, Billy Casper, Gene Fullmer, and Grant Johannesen. Most have heard of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms. Fewer know of Gershwin, Bernstein, Copland, Bloch.  But who can name the Church’s only living composer of…

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On Mormon Music and Musicians

Articles/Essays – Volume 03, No. 2

In the interest of broadening (and corroborating) my thinking about Mormon music, I recently contacted fifty Mormon musicians in an admittedly non-scientific survey. The survey sampled the obvious Church music hierarchy: the General Music Committee,…

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Three Recent Tabernacle Choir Recordings

Articles/Essays – Volume 03, No. 4

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