Louis C. Midgley

Political Science Professor at BYU

Religion and Ultimate Concern: An Encounter with Paul Tillich’s Theology

Articles/Essays – Volume 01, No. 2

Paul Tillich,[1] the well-known German-American Protestant philosophical theologian, died on October 23, 1965, at the age of seventy-nine. I experienced a deep sense of personal loss upon hearing of his death. The man with whose…

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Hugh Nibley: A Short Bibliographical Note

Articles/Essays – Volume 02, No. 1

The name Hugh Nibley has become common coin of the Mormon realm. The household quality of the name in part depends upon the frequency with which his work appears in the Improvement Era. Since 1948…

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The Divinity in Humanity | Erich Fromm, You Shall Be As Gods: A Radical Interpretation of the Old Testament and Its Tradition

Articles/Essays – Volume 03, No. 2

Erich Fromm has a large international reputation as a psychologist and social critic; his numerous writings treat various aspects of psychology (particularly psychotherapy), sociology, politics, philosophy, and religion. Some may feel that his wide ranging…

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The Secular Relevance of the Gospel Since Cumorah by Hugh W. Nibley

Articles/Essays – Volume 04, No. 4

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