Linda P. Wilcox

LINDA P. WILCOX, the mother of three daughters, is a history graduate from Stanford with a master's in education from Stanford and another in history from the University of Utah. Currently an administrative assistant in local government, she has published on Brig￾ham Young, Utah agricultural history, and has two essays on Mormon concepts of mother￾hood and the belief in Mother in Heaven forthcoming in a new book.

The Imperfect Science: Brigham Young on Medical Doctors

Articles/Essays – Volume 12, No. 3

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Crying Change in a Permanent World: Contemporary Mormon Women on Motherhood

Articles/Essays – Volume 18, No. 2

Dialogue 18.2 (Summer 1985): 116–127
Women in the Mormon Church are encouraged toward traditional roles and attitudes that discourage personal, familial, and societal change. The ideal female role is that of a non-wage-earning wife and mother in a nuclear family where the husband is the provider and the woman’s energies are directed toward her family, the Church, and perhaps community service.

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