Lee Copeland

LEE COPELAND lives with his wife, Suzanne, and their children Shawn, David, Cathleen, Melissa, Brian, Thomas, Carrie, Sundari, and Rajan in Kaysville, Utah.

From Calcutta to Kaysville: Is Righteousness Color-coded?

Articles/Essays – Volume 21, No. 3

Dialogue 21.3 (Fall 1988): 89–91
A personal account of a racist statement a bishop made about people from India, while author’s adopted daughter was from India.

Speaking in Tongues in the Restoration Churches

Articles/Essays – Volume 24, No. 1

Dialogue 24.1 (Spring 1991): 13–35
However, during the mid-1800s, speaking in tongues was so commonplace in the LDS and RLDS churches that a person who had not spoken  in tongues, or who had not heard others do so, was a rarity.