Keith E. Norman

KEITH E. NORMAN received a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Ph.D. in Early Christian Studies from Duke Uni￾versity. He teaches CTR-8 in his Ohio ward and is an associate editor of Dialogue.

I Was a Stranger . . .

Articles/Essays – Volume 54, No. 1

One hundred seventy-two years ago this coming Wednesday, July 24, the first company of Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley, which was to be their new home. Being mostly a desert, it didn’t look…

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A Modern Evangelist: The Mortal Messiah, Book I by Bruce R. McConkie

Articles/Essays – Volume 14, No. 2

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A Not So Great Commentary: Great Are The Words of Isaiah by Monte S. Nytnan

Articles/Essays – Volume 14, No. 3

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Adam’s Navel

Articles/Essays – Volume 21, No. 2

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The Mark of the Curse: Lingering Racism in Mormon Doctrine

Articles/Essays – Volume 32, No. 1

Dialogue 32.1 (Spring 1999): 119–135
Norman discusses instances where the racist teachings that justified the priesthood restrictions before 1978 continue to be taught.

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The Use and Abuse of Anti-Semitism in the Scriptures

Articles/Essays – Volume 32, No. 4

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Taking Up the Cross

Articles/Essays – Volume 34, No. 3

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Thoughts on Mormonism, Evolution, and Brigham Young University

Articles/Essays – Volume 35, No. 4

Dialogue 34.4 (Winter 2002): 1–18
Well, I was raised in a rather unscientific environment , a little farming community.

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No Other Way?: Rescue for the Dead: The Posthumous Salvation of Non-Christians in Early Christianity

Articles/Essays – Volume 36, No. 2

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