Kaimipono Wenger

Professor Wenger’s research focuses on a variety of civil rights topics. His scholarship has appeared in or is forthcoming in the Wisconsin Law Review, American University Law Review, University of San Francisco Law Review, Loyola L.A. Law Review, Connecticut Law Review CONNtemplations, Thomas Jefferson Law Review and the Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development. His current work examines issues in critical race theory, reparations and apology for slavery and Jim Crow, theories of justice in mass restitution, LGBT rights, law and religion, and Native Hawaiian rights.

The Church’s Use of Secular Arguments

Articles/Essays – Volume 42, No. 4

One fascinating development in the Proposition 8 debate in California was the extent to which secular arguments-involving legal, political, and sociological claims-came to take center stage, even in announcements from the Church itself. The Church’s…

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