Kahlile Mehr

KAHLILE MEHR holds a B.A. in Russian and M.A.s in history and library science from Brigham Young University. He has published in DIALOGUE and The Journal of Mormon History. He works as a librarian in Salt Lake City, sleeps in Centerville, and feeds a family consisting of five children, a wife, two horses, two rabbits, seven chickens, a poodle, and a black cat.

Women’s Response to Plural Marriage

Articles/Essays – Volume 18, No. 3

Dialogue 18.3 (Fall 1985): 84–98
Mehr shares stories of polygamy in late 19th century and early 20th century. He especially focused on LDS women’s opinions of polygamy when they entered into polygamous relationsips.

The Trial of the French Mission

Articles/Essays – Volume 21, No. 3

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The Eastern Edge: LDS Missionary Work in Hungarian Lands

Articles/Essays – Volume 24, No. 2

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