John Bennion

JOHN BENNION writes short fiction and novels about the western Utah desert and the people who inhabit that forbidding country. Publications include Breeding Leah and Other Stories (Signature Books, 1991) and Falling toward Heaven, forthcoming this year from the same press. He is currently working on Avenging Saint, a nineteenth-century murder mys￾tery, and Second Wind, a young adult novel. An associate professor at Brigham Young University, Bennion teaches creative writing, the British novel, Mormon literature, and Wilderness Writing, a course in which students hike and backpack and write personal narratives based on their experiences. He lives in Springville with his wife, Karla, and their three youngest children.

By the Numbers

Articles/Essays – Volume 56, No. 4

Listen to the Out Loud version of the piece here. Masked and gowned, Isa stood in the corner of the operating room next to his son Cael. Three surgeons stood around the operating table and…

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Vardis Fisher Pioneered Literary Mormon Writing Michael Austin, Vardis Fisher: A Mormon Novelist

Articles/Essays – Volume 55, No. 3

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The Interview

Articles/Essays – Volume 18, No. 2

Tom looked at the sweat shining in the palms of his hands. Wiping them on his slacks, he opened the door into the stake president’s office and sat in a chair against the wall. A…

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A House of Order

Articles/Essays – Volume 21, No. 3

Three weeks had passed since Howard and Sylvia Rockwood last made love. Earlier, before the days of silence, they could have begun casually, prompted by any minor conversational motion, finally drawing close enough for physical…

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Renegotiating Scylla and Charybdis: Reading and the Distance between New York and Utah

Articles/Essays – Volume 30, No. 3

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Observing the New West: Letting Loose the Hounds by Brady Udall

Articles/Essays – Volume 31, No. 4

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Surviving with Hope: Survival Rates by Mary S. Clyde

Articles/Essays – Volume 32, No. 3

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from Falling Toward Heaven

Articles/Essays – Volume 32, No. 4

The next morning Allison dropped Howard at the Mormon church in Rockwood, which, except for the thin spire, was shaped like a large, sub urban house. Though he had asked, she refused to go inside…

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Like the Lilies of the Field

Articles/Essays – Volume 39, No. 4

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Mapping Manifest Destiny: Lucile Cannon Bennion (1891–1966)

Articles/Essays – Volume 45, No. 1

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