Jody England Hansen

JODY ENGLAND HANSEN {[email protected]} is a writer, speaker, advocate, mixed-media artist, and suicide prevention trainer. She seeks nuanced, thoughtful belief and is an activist for creating a world where everyone can live a strong, fulfilling life. She seeks to create spaces where a greater diversity of people are speaking love into the face of dogma, removing barriers of bias, and connecting hearts instead of building walls.

Condemn Me Not

Articles/Essays – Volume 52, No. 1

Dialogue 52.1 (Spring 2019): 17–32
I do not lend the weight of truth to the language of ritual. Such language is symbolic. But even in the context of symbolism, language that is so preferential toward men and dismissive of women—especially when such language more aptly demonstrates the bias of the writers than the purpose of the ritual—needs to be removed.

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