Jeremy M. Christiansen

JEREMY M. CHRISTIANSEN {[email protected]} is an attorney prac￾ticing appellate and constitutional law in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of the S. J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah, and of Southern Utah University. All views expressed are his own and should not be attributed to his employer or clients.

Wickies for the Lord | Ronald V. Huggins, Lighthouse: Jerald & Sandra Tanner, Despised and Beloved Critics of Mormonism

Articles/Essays – Volume 56, No. 2

Growing up in the 1990s in a strong Mormon household, I learned that my religion had its own Index Librorum Prohibitorum. It was not published for the faithful to see but transmitted orally, through hushed…

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The Garden Atonement and the Mormon Cross Taboo

Articles/Essays – Volume 55, No. 4

Listen to the Out Loud Interview about this article here. Michael Reed’s 2012 book Banishing the Cross: The Emergence of a Mormon Taboo sets out an excellent account of the uncomfortable relationship between the Church…

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