James E. Faulconer

JAMES E. FAULCONER is a senior research fellow at the Maxwell Institute and a professor of philosophy at BYU. Faulconer’s specialty in philosophy is con￾temporary European philosophy with a focus on the philosophy of religion. In addition to work in philosophy, Faulconer is the author of The Life of Holiness, a translation of and commentary on the first 8 chapters of Romans, as well as the Made Harder series of books on scripture study.

Performative Theology: Not Such a New Thing

Articles/Essays – Volume 53, No. 3

A movement called “scriptural theology” has been part of academic theology for some time now, since the 1980s or earlier.[1] In spite of that, with some exceptions I will note, it has had little impact on…

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Truman Madsen, Architect

Articles/Essays – Volume 42, No. 4

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Mormon Scholars in the Humanities Conference: Overcoming Technology: The Grace of Stuff

Articles/Essays – Volume 45, No. 3

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