Jacob Bender

JACOB BENDER {[email protected]} is also the author of Modern Death in Irish and Latin American Literature (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020). He holds a PhD in English from the University of Iowa and was born/raised in Washington state. He is currently an English professor at Middlesex College in New Jersey, where he lives down shore with his wife and two children.

The Last Day

Articles/Essays – Volume 56, No. 2

“Scott Eccles?” “Yes!” “Please follow me.” Scott Eccles leapt from his seat, straightened his tie, and surreptitiously placed his fists on his hips in the Superman pose, for he had watched a video online that…

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“I Cannot Describe Salt”: Elizabeth Willis, Poets in Exile, and the Church Invisible in the Age of Pandemic

Articles/Essays – Volume 54, No. 3

Ever since Socrates banished poetry in Book X of Plato’s Republic with a flippant “if . . . poetry can show any reason for her existence in a well-governed state, we would gladly admit her,”[1] Western poets…

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Review: Our Artistic Potential The Mormon Arts Center. The Kimball Challenge at Fifty: Mormon Arts Center Essays

Articles/Essays – Volume 51, No. 1

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Association of Mormon Letters Conference: “For All Things Must Fail”: A Post-Structural Approach to the Book of Mormon

Articles/Essays – Volume 45, No. 3

Dialogue 45.3 (Fall 2013):138–177
In this paper, I argue that this preoccupation with structural collapse legitimizes a criti￾cal consideration of the way that language functions in the book, rendering the Book of Mormon particularly well-suited to a read￾ing that employs the techniques of post-structural criticism.

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