Irene M. Bates

IRENE M. BATES and her husband Bill joined the LDS church in England in 1955. 'Tatriarchal Blessings and the Routination of Charisma" is adapted from a chapter of her 1991 Ph.D. dissertation at Univeristy of California, Los Angeles. She lives in Pacific Palisades, California, and is co-authoring a book with E. Gary Smith on the presiding patriarchs of the church.

William Smith, 1811-93: Problematic Patriarch

Articles/Essays – Volume 16, No. 2

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Being Mormon: An LDS Response

Articles/Essays – Volume 17, No. 1

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Uncle Joseph Smith, 1781-1854: Patriarchal Bridge

Articles/Essays – Volume 20, No. 3

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Life in Zion after Conversion: Hazed or Hailed?: Toward a More Mature View

Articles/Essays – Volume 22, No. 2

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Patriarchal Blessings and the Routinization of Charisma

Articles/Essays – Volume 26, No. 3

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