English Brooks

ENGLISH BROOKS has creative and scholarly work that has appeared in Aztlán, Dark Mountain, Green Letters, ISLE, MELUS, Pacific Coast Philology, Saltfront, Sunstone, Terrain.org, and Western American Literature. In the summer, he directs Birch Creek Service Ranch, where teens come to the high desert to live in yurts, work local farms, hike slot canyons, play music, chase jackrabbits, eat grasshoppers, and howl at the moon! For the rest of the year, he teaches at Snow College in central Utah.

No Country for Nostalgia | Todd Robert Petersen, Picnic in the Ruins

Articles/Essays – Volume 56, No. 2

Even in the modesty of its title, Picnic in the Ruins is a deceptively ambitious novel. At once wry and gentle, its depiction of the various lives and stories that become snarled up in a…

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Sister’s Visions

Articles/Essays – Volume 54, No. 4

Her eyelids were closing. It must have been the stillness in the room that made her realize. The two young elders advanced their slides across the laptop screen and it felt late. She nodded slowly.…

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