Ellinor Petersen

Ellinor Petersen {[email protected]} graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Music Com￾position and a second major in Theatre Arts Studies in 2007. She subsequently moved back to her home country of Sweden, and completed an MLIS from the University of Borås in 2010. She has composed many works involving trombones and trumpets, some with voice, which was her primary instrument at BYU. Several have been premiered at the University of Maine, includ￾ing the trombone quartet I Will Take Care of You (2011), Probably Alright Now for brass ensemble (2012), and Magnifikat for trombone choir (2013). She and her family currently reside in Springville, Utah. To hear recordings of some of her compositions, visit www.ellinorpetersen.com.

Round Table: Now Let Us Revise

Articles/Essays – Volume 48, No. 4

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