Edwin B. Firmage

EDWIN B. FIRMAGE is Samuel D. Thurman Professor of Law, College of Law, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and the author, with Collin Man- grum, of Zion in the Courts: A Legal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (University of Illinois Press, 1988). "Reflections

Allegiance and Stewardship: Holy War, Just War, and the Mormon Tradition in the Nuclear Age

Articles/Essays – Volume 16, No. 1

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Hugh B. Brown: The Early Years

Articles/Essays – Volume 21, No. 2

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Articles/Essays – Volume 22, No. 3

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God: CEO or Master of the Dance?

Articles/Essays – Volume 28, No. 4

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Seeing the Stranger as Enemy: Coming Out

Articles/Essays – Volume 30, No. 4

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Reflections on Mormon History: Zion and the Anti-Legal Tradition

Articles/Essays – Volume 31, No. 4

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