Dee F. Green

DEE F. GREEN has done archaeological research and publication on Mexico, Utah, Illinois, and Arkansas. Formerly an assistant professor of anthropology at Weber State College, he is currently an archaeologist with the U.S. Forest Service. Green is responsible for soliciting and editing the articles in this issue by Sorenson, Leone and Coe which were to have formed part of a special issue of Dialogue devoted to "Anthropological Perspectives on the Mormon Culture." While that special issue did not materialize we are grateful to Dr. Green for the excellent articles which appear in this issue.

Book of Mormon Archaeology: The Myths and the Alternatives

Articles/Essays – Volume 04, No. 2

Dialogue 4.2 (Summer 1971): 73–76
Church members, from some General Authorities to some Sunday School teachers, are generally impressed with and concerned about “scientific proof” of the Book of Mormon. As a practicing scientist and Church member, I am singularly unconcerned about such studies — in fact, when it comes to such matters, I am hyper-conservative.

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Recent Scholarship on New World Archaeology

Articles/Essays – Volume 07, No. 1

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Mormon Archaeology in the 1970s: A New Decade, A New Approach

Articles/Essays – Volume 08, No. 2

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