Daniel A. Stout

DANIEL A. STOUT is the Director of the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies. His research interests are in audience analysis and particularly the interface between media and religion. His books with Judith Buddenbaum, Religion and Mass Media: Audiences and Adaptations (Sage) and Religion and Pop￾ular Culture: Studies on the Interaction of Worldviews (Iowa State Uni￾versity Press) are considered foundational works in the field. He is also founding co-editor of the Journal of Media and Religion (Erlbaum) as well as the recent Encyclopedia of Religion, Communica￾tion, and Media (Routledge).

Through a Glass Darkly: Mormons as Perceived by Critics’ Reviews of Tony Kushner’s Angels in America

Articles/Essays – Volume 32, No. 2

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Communicating Jesus: The Encoding and Decoding Practices of Re-Presenting Jesus for LDS (Mormon) Audiences at a BYU Art Museum

Articles/Essays – Volume 46, No. 2

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