D. Michael Quinn

Dennis Michael Quinn was an American historian who focused on the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was a professor at Brigham Young University from 1976 until he resigned in 1988


Dialogue E-Paper July 12, 2006
As an alternative to myopic polarization, this essay provides new ways of understanding Joseph’s narrative, analyzes previously neglected issues/data, and establishes a basis for perceiving in detail what the teenage boy experienced in the religious revivalism that led to his first theophany

Joseph Smith III’s 1844 Blessing and the Mormons of Utah

Articles/Essays – Volume 15, No. 2

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From Sacred Grove to Sacral Power Structure

Articles/Essays – Volume 17, No. 2

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The Mormon Church and the Spanish-American War: An End to Selective Pacifism

Articles/Essays – Volume 17, No. 4

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LDS Church Authority and New Plural Marriages, 1890-1904

Articles/Essays – Volume 18, No. 1

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Ezra Taft Benson and Mormon Political Conflicts

Articles/Essays – Volume 26, No. 2

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A Reply

Articles/Essays – Volume 28, No. 1

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Male-Male Intimacy among Nineteenth-century Mormons: A Case Study

Articles/Essays – Volume 28, No. 4

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Plural Marriage and Mormon Fundamentalism

Articles/Essays – Volume 31, No. 2

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Prelude to the National “”Defense of Marriage”” Campaign: Civil Discrimination Against Feared or Despised Minorities

Articles/Essays – Volume 33, No. 3

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LDS “Headquarters Culture” and the Rest of Mormonism: Past and Present

Articles/Essays – Volume 34, No. 3

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Post-Manifesto Marriages

Articles/Essays – Volume 41, No. 3

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