Christopher James Blythe

CHRISTOPHER JAMES BLYTHE {[email protected]} is a PhD candidate in American religious history at Florida State Univer￾sity. Recently he has taught courses in colonial witchcraft and poli￾tics and religion in United States history. Blythe also serves as a board member for the John Whitmer Historical Association. He has co-edited a volume with his wife, Christine Elyse Blythe, enti￾tled Mormonisms (1844–1860): A Documentary History, which is scheduled to be published with Greg Kofford Books this year.

“The Highest Class of Adulterers and Whoremongers”: Plural Marriage, the Church of Jesus Christ (Cutlerite), and the Construction of Memory

Articles/Essays – Volume 46, No. 2

Dialogue 46.2 (Spring 2016): 1–39
Blythe shows the denial among Culterites followers that the founder was involved in plural marriage.

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