Christopher C. Smith

Christopher Carroll Smith is a historian of religions, with a PhD in religion from Claremont Graduate University. He also holds an MA in History of Christianity from Wheaton College and a BA in Biblical Studies from Fresno Pacific University. Chris’s academic specialties include Mormonism, economic approaches to religion, and religion and violence.

A People’s History of Book of Mormon Archeology: Excavating the Role of “Folk” Practitioners in the Emergence of a Field

Articles/Essays – Volume 56, No. 3

Dialogue 56.3 (Fall 2023): 1–33
Practitioners and historians of Book of Mormon archaeology have tended to narrate the emergence and history of the field as a story of conventional scholarly investigations by Latter-day Saint professionals, professors, and ecclesiastical leaders. These narratives foreground the efforts of educated, white, upper-middle-class professionals and Church-funded institutions based in Salt Lake City and Provo, near the centers of Mormon power.

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Review: Delightful Futuristic Mormon Morality Tale Offers Teaching Tool for Progressive Parents Matt Page, Future Day Saints: Welcome to the New Zion

Articles/Essays – Volume 54, No. 2

After his death and resurrection on Earth, Jesus Christ traveled to New Zion—a planet in the Kolob star system—and appeared to its six-eyed alien inhabitants, whom he named the Othersheep. He explained to the Othersheep…

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Worthy of Their Hire? Mormon Leaders’ Relationship with Wealth D. Michael Quinn. The Mormon Hierarchy: Wealth and Corporate Power.

Articles/Essays – Volume 52, No. 4

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Joseph Smith in Hermeneutical Crisis

Articles/Essays – Volume 43, No. 2

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The Original Length of the Scroll of Hôr

Articles/Essays – Volume 43, No. 4

Dialogue 43.4 (Winter 2010): 1–42
The purpose of this paper is to introduce a robust methodology that eliminates the guesswork in determining winding locations by visual inspection of crease marks or lacunae features, and to determine whether the missing interior section of the Hôr scroll could have been long enough to accommodate the Book of Abraham. Fortunately, this is a question that can be definitively answered by examining the physical characteristics of the extant portions of the scroll. The haste and greed of Michael Chandler provide the key to unlocking this mystery.

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