Christian Harrison

D CHRISTIAN HARRISON {[email protected]} After serv￾ing in the Canada Montréal Mission, Christian attended BYU, where he studied International Relations, French, Mandarin, and Danish. At the start of his junior year, Christian co-founded a software company that pioneered online shopping systems. Today, Christian works in the fields of strategic and visual communications and is active in Salt Lake City regional political circles—advocating on behalf of urban dwellers, transit users, and the homeless. When he’s not working, politicking, or preparing for his EQ lesson, he’s traveling, hosting dinner parties, or catching some￾thing at the theater. You can follow Christian’s musings on Mormonism at By Common Consent.

In Our Lovely Oubliette: The Un/Intended Consequences of Boundary Making & Keeping from a Gay Mormon Perspective

Articles/Essays – Volume 49, No. 2

Dialogue 49.2 (Summer 2016): 51–60

“Of course, I didn’t really want to be a wife. But I was eight years old, and in my mind, if all I really wanted from the future was a husband, then that must mean that I wanted to be a wife.”

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Review: Characters to Care About

Articles/Essays – Volume 43, No. 3

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