Cheryl L. Bruno

CHERYL L. BRUNO {[email protected]} was married once in the Temple and once on the beach. She is the amazed and amazing mother of eight children. Cheryl has worked as an Aquatics Director and cur￾rently is a STEM instructor for Fused Learning in Monterey, California. Her writing and research interests are nineteenth-century Mormon history and Freemasonry.

Then and Now

Articles/Essays – Volume 52, No. 1

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Asherah Alert

Articles/Essays – Volume 42, No. 2

Dialogue 42.2 (Summer 2009): ix-xii
But when it comes to pegging Asherah as our Heavenly Mother, there are many problems which must be overcome, and Kevin Barney falls short of doing so. Barney’s proposition is that the early worship form of venerating Asherah is more valid than the later, more evolved form of monotheism.

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