Charlotte Scholl Shurtz

CHARLOTTE SCHOLL SHURTZ {[email protected]} is a queer Mormon woman, author, and poet. She graduated from Brigham Young Uni￾versity in 2019 with a degree in English and a minor in professional writing and rhetoric. She is a cofounder of the Seeking Heavenly Mother Project, a digital repository of creative works celebrating the feminine divine.

The Seeking Heavenly Mother Project: Understanding and Claiming Our Power to Connect with Her

Articles/Essays – Volume 55, No. 1

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A Queer Heavenly Family: Expanding Godhood Beyond a Heterosexual, Cisgender Couple

Articles/Essays – Volume 55, No. 1

Dialogue 55.1 (Spring 2022): 68–97
Still, the creation of a genderless god erases gendered experiences, whether the gendered experiences are those of a transgender or cisgender individual. Claiming that a genderless god is inclusive is parallel to claiming that “colorblindness” solves racial issues.