Charles Shiro Inouye

CHARLES INOUYE {[email protected]} is a professor of Japanese and the co-director of the international literary and visual studies program.

Heart Sutra (In the guest bedroom at dawn, after the pandemic)

Articles/Essays – Volume 56, No. 2

1Today we scorn Russians,But we were invaders, too.Our lifestyle at stake in Iraq.Searching but not finding.Blood and bones and dirt.Infection and tears.Fighting to prove . . . what?Truth? America? God on our side? Twenty years ago, I heard…

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An Astonishing String of Stories Steven L. Peck. Tales from Pleasant Grove.

Articles/Essays – Volume 52, No. 1

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From the Pulpit: For All His Creations of Which I’m a Part: Buddha Nature, Neo-Animism, and Postmodern Mormonism

Articles/Essays – Volume 47, No. 3

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