Boyd Jay Petersen

Boyd Jay Petersen (born February 23, 1962) is program coordinator for Mormon Studies at Utah Valley University (UVU) and teaches English and literature at UVU and Brigham Young University (BYU). He has also been a biographer of Hugh Nibley, a candidate for the Utah House of Representatives, and president of the Association for Mormon Letters. He was named editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought for the term 2016-2020.

Pray Without Ceasing

Articles/Essays – Volume 53, No. 3

The scriptures often admonish us to pray continuously. Note that I said “continuously,” not “continually.” “Continually” means repeated with interruptions, but “continuously” means without interruptions. Paul tells the saints in Thessalonica to “pray without ceasing”…

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Articles/Essays – Volume 51, No. 4

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Editor’s Note

Articles/Essays – Volume 50, No. 1

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Editor’s Note: The Continuing Importance of Dialogue

Articles/Essays – Volume 49, No. 1

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The Home Dance: Hugh Nibley Among the Hopi

Articles/Essays – Volume 31, No. 1

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Reviews: Shield of Faith: The Power of Religion in the Lives of LDS Youth and Young Adults & Souls in Transition: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults

Articles/Essays – Volume 44, No. 1

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An Imperfect Brightness of Hope

Articles/Essays – Volume 46, No. 1

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Review: Michael G. Reed. Banishing the Cross: The Emergence of a Mormon Taboo

Articles/Essays – Volume 46, No. 2

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