Anthony A. Hutchinson

ANTHONY A. HUTCHINSON is currently a U.S. foreign service officer living in the Far East, has an M.A. in classics from Brigham Young University, and is still trying to finish a doctoral dissertation in biblical studies at the Catholic University of America. He thanks David Wright, Lester Bush, Alexander DiLella, O.F.M., Lavina Fielding Anderson, and John Kselman, S.S., for editorial and substantive assistance, and Louis Midgley for vigorous criticism, in the preparation of this article. 1

Women and Ordination: Introduction to the Biblical Context

Articles/Essays – Volume 14, No. 4

Dialogue 14.4 (Winter 1981): 60–69
THE QUESTION of whether worthy women could be or ought to be ordained to the LDS priesthood has not, until recently, been considered seriously in the LDS community.

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LDS Approaches to the Holy Bible

Articles/Essays – Volume 15, No. 1

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A Mormon Midrash?: LDS Creation Narratives Reconsidered

Articles/Essays – Volume 21, No. 4

Dialogue 21.4 (Winter 1989): 135 – 139
Latter-day Saints, with other groups in the Judeo-Christian tradition, accept as scripture the stories of creation found in Genesis 1-3 but are unique in accepting as scripture three other parallel versions of the same stories. These include chapters in the books of Moses and Abraham brought forth by Joseph Smith, Jr.

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