A. I. Christensen

A. I. CHRISTENSEN {[email protected]} first got interested in words when his mom read the Bible to him and he couldn’t understand its English. Later on, he was led to Spanish, and then to Latin, Italian, and Old English. He believes in understanding and interacting with God, people, religion, and the world primarily through words, and he further believes that poetry is the most important way of doing this. He is currently working on a bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University and working at the Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.


Articles/Essays – Volume 54, No. 1

She says she was eating or opening a window or just walkingdully along, and always had been, but tonight there might befew angels. These things. Our dogwagging across the foreground, the porchthat still needs fixing…

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Mormon Architecture Today: The Lamps of Mormon Architecture, A Discussion

Articles/Essays – Volume 03, No. 1

FERGUSON: Most Mormons are basically ignorant of architecture and the idea of architecture as much as they are ignorant of art and the idea of art, and there is no chance in the public schools…

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