Annual Appeal 2015

November 22, 2015

dialogue (1) (1)Dear Friend of Dialogue,
Dialogue is entering its Jubilee year – can you believe it’s been five decades? We have many debts to pay to our founders and all the authors, poets, and artists who have made Dialogue so special over the past fifty years. While all those people would no doubt generously forgive our debts to them in the spirit of the Jubilee, it seems to me that the best thing we can do is to pay it forward and ensure that Dialogue remains just as relevant, humane, thought-provoking, and forward-looking for the next fifty years as it has been since 1966.
Relevant, humane, thought-provoking, and forward-looking. That’s why I love Dialogue. In a world overloaded with blogs and tweets and memes, isn’t it nice to slow down and read something that has been carefully crafted, peer reviewed, and professionally edited? Where else can you read the kind of truly important scriptural analysis that we saw on display in Cory Crawford’s Summer 2015 article, “The Struggle for Female Authority in Biblical and Mormon Tradition”? For that matter, think back to the entire Winter 2014 issue, yet another in Dialogue’s distinguished catalog of deep reflections on women, gender, and feminism in Mormonism. And I personally always love the “From the Pulpit” offerings. Who said Mormons can’t preach?
I can’t thank outgoing editor Kristine Haglund enough for her brilliant tenure these past several years. We will no doubt look back on this era as a particularly bright spot in Dialogue’s history, featuring some of the journal’s most important contributions to contemporary Mormon thought, literature, and art. The board of directors was thrilled when Boyd Petersen accepted our offer to become the next editor. We can’t think of anyone who better embodies the spirit and values of Dialogue. The journal is in very good hands.
Remember that when you’ve finished tearing through the latest issue of the journal, there’s always more to (re)discover on the Dialogue website. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our podcasts and topic pages. Before someone else got into the “Gospel Topics” business, it turns out that Dialogue had fifty years of path-breaking material on such topics as race, feminism, scripture studies, LGBT issues, polygamy, and even Christmas. We plan on celebrating our Jubilee in a number of ways, not least a 50th Anniversary gala in Salt Lake City in fall 2016 – more details to come! In the meantime, we appreciate all your support over the years. To ensure that Dialogue’s future is as brilliant as its past, please consider making a tax-deductible donation or gift subscription (or two). Your generous contributions will help us continue the journey together for another fifty years.
With very best wishes,
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Patrick Mason, Chair
On behalf of the Dialogue Board of Directors

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