Articles/Essays – Volume 53, No. 2

Hug a Queer Latter-day Saint

2020: Blaire Ostler, “Hug a Queer Latter-day Saint,” Dialogue 53.2 (Summer 2020): 161–168 and Blaire Ostler, “Queer Polygamy,”  Dialogue 53.2 (Spring 2019): 33-44.

Blaire Ostler has written a number of pieces, from personal essays, poetry, to articles, that are worth noting. Her article, “Queer Polygamy,” is an innovating mashup that looks beyond monogamy as the only authorizing type of same-sex relationships—it really pushes the boundaries of what queer scholarship had done. Drawing on contemporary polyamory to critique the limitations of heterosexual monogamy, and putting that into conversation with the LDS tradition of plural marriage, Ostler imagines a new type of polygamy, queer polygamy, that sheds the patriarchal baggage of the 19th century version and its continuation in fundamentalist Mormonism, as well as thinking beyond its presumed heterosexulity.