Articles/Essays – Volume 55, No. 1

God the Mother Speaks of Hearts

Podcast version of this piece.

won’t you agree with me the heart’s a glorious organ

moon jelly  a ghost heart throbbing in ocean
lily bulb  an earth heart humming underground
bear  a furred heart curled up in cave’s dark

I’m fond of hearts the way chefs are fond of salt

snowflake in the snowball’s down  cold heart
moon  night’s heart rinsing earth to pearl
thrush  feathered heart rushing limb to crown

liberal with my gifts  why not put a little in everything

horse  a chestnut heart champing in her field
pear  gold heart of autumn in the basket of your hands
fetus’s heart a mother’s heart  how she bends to hear its hold

scattergood  I impart the essential ingredient

black hole a galaxy’s heart  threaded veins of light
burnwork at the center of earth  molten heart
nucleus thrumming with simple purpose  atom’s heart

when you rock to your motor’s whirring  remember

I knit every heart  to mine
even the tongue  mouth’s heart pulsing through a poem
even a queen  hive’s heart pumping a honeyed hum

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